Scott Snow
Age: 20
US Ski Team 2010- 12
Ski Club: University of New Mexico
Home Town: Sagle, ID
Goal: To become an All American and help my team win a  Division I NCAA Championship.
Show Your Snow!

Scott spends summers and off-time earning money to fund his ski racing. He does a variety of jobs, including yard work, auto detailing, firewood sales and minor construction. In addition to this, he has the generous support of family friends and supporters including:

The Apex Masters Group, John and Debbie Baer, Mike Beard,
Denise Bonniwell, Don and Debbie Borden, Stephanie Bradshaw,
Ned Brandenburg, Ira and Lauri Branson, Carl and Karen Brenner,
The Brown Family, Bryce Ski Education Foundation, Don and Ruth Christian,
Kent Christian, Tim Clark, Hillary Crandall, Joe and Carol Crandall,
Roger Damom, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Daniels, The Dennisons, Matt & Kate Dolan,
Gene and Mindy Eggleston, Jamie and Wendy Emmer,
Frias Properties, Ricky and Lisa Gravite, Tom and Mary Gregory,
Bruce Herman, Allison Herren, Kip and Susan Howard,
Paul and Kathi Ingley, Laura and JJ Johns,
Mom and Dad, Chip and Robyn Kamin, Jack and Melanie Kern,
Bert Kerstetter, Jim and Csilla Kreidler, Buddy Lebenson,
John and Sheila Leckie, Dick and Donna Leibert,
Fred and Sue Leukroth, Steve and Claire Lewis, Bob McCaughey,
Dave and Kathy McCauley, Reb McCowen, Paul and Liz Mittelsteadt,
Mom and Dad, Bob and Sandy Montevaldo, Bob and Mimi Mowery,
Jeremy Mucha, Dan Mulrine, Dan Mulrine Sr, Steve Newing,
Syd and Jan Oakland, Al and Dawn Oakley, Bud and Valerie Piland,
PNSEF, Andy and Julie Porietas, Jack and Lois Puckett,
Bruce and Carolyn Rahn, Katie Rains, Bob and Sue Rieve,
Constance Rockhill, Ed and Brigitte Rogers, The Saabye Family,
Donnie and Barb Satterwaite, Peter and Linn Scott, Jack Scott,
Hans and Susan Searles, Jeff and Tracy Seymore,
Ray and Jill Sheehan, Royal and Jan Shields, Gearge and Kathy Simpson,
Neil and Amber Snoddy, Jacqui Snow,
Jonathan Snow, Jim and Donna Soyars, Rich and Martha Stocker,
Al and Marge Thomas, Heather Thomas, Keith Thompson,
Randy Trow, Bing and Janice Van Dyke, Myrna Vick, Marty Vitale,
Jim and DIana Weathersby, Tony Wells, William A. White,
Lacy Williams, John and Robyn Witschey, Jim and Kathy Yarbrough

Interested in Donating?
Donations will be applied through the Independence Racing Team toward FIS training expenses. Contributions to the Independence Racing Team are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The Team is a 501, (3) (c) non-profit organization, tax ID #30-0284884.

Any donation is greatly appreciated. No amount is too small.

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Independence Racing Team

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Independence Racing Team
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3667 Bottle Bay Road
Sagle, ID 83860


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(208) 263-3552