Scott Snow
Age: 20
US Ski Team 2010- 12
Ski Club: University of New Mexico
Home Town: Sagle, ID
Goal: To become an All American and help my team win a  Division I NCAA Championship.
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Interested in a Speaker?

Shep Snow is an engaging, entertaining speaker and presents to various groups. In addition to being a racing coach, he's an experienced avalanche technician and instructor.

How young is too young? This presentation explores the question of what is the appropriate age to begin a strength training program with young athletes. The presenter places greater emphasis upon mental maturity than physical ability or age.

Ideal for youth teams or parent groups interested in helping their children reach their athletic potential.

Avalanche Training and Speaking
Sessions can range from a 45-minute general information talk for community groups, to short safety or rescue seminars to multi-day level II avalanche instruction.

Backcountry Safety for Youth
This popular talk is tailored to youth and highlights the dangers of back country travel and key warning signs to recognize.

Scott Snow has recently started presenting to groups about his life as a young ski racer.

My Life as a Ski Racer
This enlightening presentation is ideal for ski clubs, youth groups and anyone interested in hearing this heart-warming, inspiring story.

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